Invoice Requirements

1. Invoices submitted by contractors must be original and must contain the following information:

    • Name of contractor to whom the contract or purchase order was awarded.
    • Contractor’s address.
    • Panamanian tax identification number (RUC) and check digit (DV). Applicable only to Panamanian vendors.
    • Invoice number and date.
    • Contract or purchase order number.
    • Description of goods or services object of the contract or purchase order.
    • Quantity, price and total amount of the goods purchased or services rendered.

2. Contractors or suppliers domiciled in the Republic of Panama must accompany their invoices with current and valid clearance certificates issued by the Ministry of Economics and Finance, (Internal Revenue Directory) as well as from the Social Security Institution. Invoices associated to contracts or purchase orders lesser or equal to $500.00 are exempt from this requirement.

Causes for Returning Invoices

An invoice is defective and shall be returned when:

1. Does not comply with the requirements above described.

2. The number of the contract or purchase order indicated on the invoice is mistaken.

3. Makes reference or includes goods or services associated to more than one contract or purchase order.

Tax Exemption

As stipulated in the Article 43 of the Panama Canal Authority Organic Law, all goods object of a contract, consigned to the Authority and identified as such on the contract as well as all services rendered to the Authority, are exempt from the payment of any national or municipal levy, tax, duty, fee, rate, charge, or contribution.