Chapter VI

LAW No. 19
(of June 11, 1997)

Chapter VI - Canal Maintenance

Article 118. The Authority shall adopt the programs of maintenance, improvement, and replacement required for the safe, uninterrupted, efficient, and profitable operation of the Canal to ensure round-the-clock transit of vessels every day of the year, as well as for the rendering of services and the development of activities organized by the Authority.

Article 119. The programs referred to in the previous article shall be based on the following principles and criteria:

  1. High-quality service provided to Canal users that will allow transit of vessels in the most secure, expeditious, and efficient manner possible.
  2. To minimize interruptions in said traffic caused by equipment breakdown.
  3. Policies and practices that may allow the adoption and execution of dynamic maintenance programs, subject to periodic adjustments, according to real needs.
  4. Designation of the required frequency for short-, medium-, and long-term programs according to the nature of applicable techniques, as well as their review, evaluation, and modification.
  5. Permanent supervision to optimize general maintenance by investing in modern equipment that will increase the confidence of users.
  6. Tailoring said programs to the applicable standards of practice in this industry.
  7. Analyses of the feasibility and effectiveness of programs.
  8. The establishment of reserve funds for refurbishment of equipment and installations; capital funds for procurement and replacement of equipment; funds for construction or improvement of facilities or infrastructures; funds for maintenance in general; and funds for financing the aforementioned programs.
  9. Establishment of independent programs of preventive maintenance, repair, refurbishment, improvements, upgrading, and replacement.
  10. Attainment, through the aforementioned programs, of a safe, uninterrupted, efficient, and profitable operation of the various fixed and movable structures, systems, and equipment engaged in the operation of the Canal.
  11. Contracting out for services and maintenance, whenever feasible from the point of view of operations, cost, and safety.
  12. Other principles and criteria set forth in the regulations of the Authority.

Chapter VII Environment and Canal Watershed