Board of Directors

Adolfo AhumadaAdolfo Ahumada
Board Member

Mr. Adolfo Ahumada has been constantly involved in Canal affairs throughout his professional career. He served as a member of the Panamanian committee assigned to the 1977 Torrijos-Carter Treaty negotiations and, in 1995, joined the Panama Canal Treaty Consultative Committee, in which he represented Panama as co-President. Upon the establishment of the Panama Canal Transition Committee, he was invited to join and participate in drafting the historical Panama Canal Organic Law.

Mr. Ahumada is a lawyer with degrees from the prestigious University of Panama and California State University. He was professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Panama and President of The Panamanian National Association of Lawyers. Dr. Ahumada has also served as Minister of Labor, Minister of Government and Justice and adviser to various presidents and ministers of the Republic of Panama. International events in which he has participated include those hosted by the United Nations (UN) and the Organization of American States (OAS). Additionally, he has published various essays and lectured at numerous conferences specifically on topics related to the Canal, foreign relations and the constitutional structure of Panama.

Dr. Adolfo Ahumada was ratified a member of the Panama Canal Authority Board of Directors for a period of nine years beginning July 2007.

Updated: 07-Nov-2019