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When was the Administration Building built?

The construction of the current Administration Building started in March 1913 and was completed on June 30, 1915.

Who was the architect who designed the Administration Building?

The architect was Austin Lord, of the firm Lord, Hewlett and Tallet of New York, and Mario J. Schiavoney was his assistant in Panama.

Where was the Administration Building located previously?

The Administration Building had been located in the town of Culebra until 1915.

Who painted the murals of the Administration Building?

The murals in the rotunda were painted by W. B. Van Ingen of New York, assisted by Berry and Ira Ramsen.  The paintings were done in New York on 958 square feet of canvas, and depict one of the world’s most monumental works:  the excavation and construction of the Panama Canal.

What was the cost of construction of the Administration Building?

The total was of $879,000.

When was the Governor's House built?

The current Governor’s House was built in Ancon in 1914 at a cost of approximately $16,300.

Where was the Governor's House previously located?

In 1906, the Governor’s House had been located in the town of Culebra, near the Culebra Cut works.

When was Goethals' monument constructed?

The marble monument to the memory of George Goethals was built on March 31, 1954 with Federal funds authorized by an act of the U.S. Congress.

Who made the commemorative Gaillard plaque?

The sculpted Gaillard bronze tablet was the work of the famous American artist James Earl Fraser, and was manufactured by the Kuntz Foundry of New York in 1927. On February 4, 1928, this plaque to the memory of Colonel David DuBose Gaillard was unveiled at Contractor’s Hill.  The plaque was a gift from the Gaillard family.