Bid Calendar by Fax

The Solicitation Calendar by FAX MESSAGE POST is a service provided by the Contracting Division which allows all interested parties to obtain the current Solicitation Calendar through use of their own fax machine. Any interested party who has a fax machine may access this summary without having to visit the Contracting Division's Bulletin Board located at Building 710, Balboa.

The parties interested in obtaining this summary must simply follow the recorded instructions given after they dial fax telephone No. 011-507-272-7259. For your information, the Fax Message Post recorded instructions are as follows:

"This is the Message Post."

"Thanks for calling."

"At the tone, press the send/receive or start copy button on your Fax machine."

Once the appropriate button has been pushed, nothing more needs to be done. If using a handset, simply hang up. The Fax machines will do the rest.

For service assistance call 011-507-272-5864 during workdays from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m EST.