Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Objectives


Global connectivity leader and
driver of Panama’s progress
Contribute sustainably to Panama’s prosperity,
through our valuable team, connecting production with the global markets, to bring value to our customers
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Competitiveness
  • Loyalty
  • Responsibility
  • Reliability

Strategic Objectives

  • Grow our business by expanding the services and products offered.
  • Increase our net income and business productivity in a sustainable way.
  • Implement best business and good corporate governance practices.
  • Ensure water volume and quality for consumption and for Canal operations.
  • Transform the organization and develop its capabilities to take advantage of new business and service opportunities.
  • Increase trust and credibility of ACP management.
  • Strengthen customer relations and business intelligence.


  • We are honest and straightforward in sharing our thoughts and feelings, the sincerity of which we demonstrate by example.
  • We do not tolerate actions that infringe upon the law and our regulations.
  • We do not allow abuse, misuse or misappropriation of corporate property.
  • We report abuse of corporate patrimony and resources and manipulations of the system to circumvent its objectives,
  • We communicate respectfully and share information, knowledge and experience in a clear and forthright manner within the corporation.


  • In our work, we adhere to the corporate code of conduct and ethics.
  • We show integrity in and are accountable for our decisions and deeds.


  • We are committed to attain the highest level of efficiency and productivity in each and every activity through our best performance.
  • We add value to our customers.
  • We measure our work against the highest international standards of quality and efficiency.
  • We make the best use of our resources and we evaluate each investment according to the corporation's best interest.


  • We are people of vision. We are demanding of ourselves and committed to the organization's strategic efforts.
  • We believe in promoting change for the well-being of the corporation and we act accordingly.
  • We join efforts to achieve the organization's strategic goals.
  • We are motivated by a deep love for Panama, and focus on serving the nation.
  • We are sensitive to the expectations of our human resources and seek an adequate balance between their needs and those of the corporation.


  • We manage and safeguard our nation's most important legacy.
  • We contribute to and participate in the achievement of the corporation's goals.
  • We accept the consequences of our decisions and actions.
  • We are committed to excellence as a personal as well as corporate duty.


  • We keep our promises and we do not make promises we cannot keep.
  • We satisfy our customer's expectations the first time and every time.
  • We dedicate ourselves to each customer as if he or she were our only customer.
  • We respond swiftly to our customers' needs and will not rest until they have been satisfied.